Alchemy of Tease by Jacqueline Hyde

Welcome to the Alchemy of Tease brought to you by international burlesque entertainer Jacqueline Hyde. This online learning portal is designed to give you the opportunity to learn burlesque and or refine your craft on your own time and on the go. You can still take in person workshops and classes as well as schedule private lessons. 

We are happy to have you here!

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    Learn the foundation principles of Ayurveda coupled with the lifestyle of an entertainer. Learn how to optimize your health and maximize your creativity through the principles of Truth, Beauty, Love and Freedom which combine with both physical and mental approaches of nutrition and well being.

    Module 1: Truth (Constitutions and Nutrition) 
    Module 2: Beauty (Purifying inside and out) 
    Module 3: Love (Kindling passions with your art, fans and community) 
    Module 4: Freedom (Opening up for creative flow and personal success)

    Module 5: Bohemian Life (Applying all 4 modules into your life and moving into a new chapter of your life)

    Do you know how to sew and want to be better at it? You want to be able to do a great ruffle, gather, polished seams, zippers? In this course, you will learn Jacqueline's approach to technique's for sewing strictly for burlesque costumes. 

    Learning Objectives:

    • Ruffles
    • Zippers
    • Tulle
    • Bias Tape
    • Gather Technique's
    • Patterns
    • French Seams
    • Hems
    • "Invisible" Stitch
    • Top Stitching

    Learning on your own time the fundamental dance elements for burlesque. This course covers principles and technique's. You will learn Jacqueline's fundamental dance terminology, and is the precursor to many of her other courses for movement.